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Know about SAMEER’s ST Radar

The Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) was set up as an autonomous R & D laboratory at Mumbai under the then Department of Electronics, Government of India with a broad mandate to undertake R & D work in the areas of Microwave Engineering and Electro-magnetic Engineering Technology. It is an offshoot of the special microwave products unit (SMPU) set up in 1977 at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. SAMEER, Mumbai (Centre for Microwave Research) was setup in 1984. The centre of Electromagnetics, Chennai of the then Department of Electronics (DOE) was merged with SAMEER in 1987.

SAMEER. Kolkata centre was set up in 1994 for research & Development in Millimetrewave Technology. SAMEER, Vishakhapatnam and SAMEER, Guwahati have recently been started. SAMEER is an autonomous Society of MeitY, Govt. of India.

Various atmospheric instruments pioneered and developed by SAMEER include:
• ST Radar- 212.5 MHz, installed at Gauhati University Assam
• Cloud profiling Radar- Ka band Cloud Radar
• MST Radar at 53 MHz, installed at the then NMRF, Gadanki
• UHF Wind Profiler with RASS attachment- 404.37 MHz, installed at IMD, Pune
• Phased Array Doppler Sodar- installed at a number of places across the country
• Radio Theodolite- 401 MHz
• Digital Ionosonde- HF, installed at Dibrugarh, Assam


(Autonomous Society of MeitY, Govt. of India)
IIT Campus, Powai
Mumbai-400076, INDIA